Enclosed Door Blinds: No Dusting, No Banging, No Hanging Cords

If you’re lucky enough to have a front, back or patio door with glass, you know that it’s great for watching the kids play outside and letting in light.  But when the summer sun gets TOO strong, do you wish you had a way to turn it down?  Blinds are a good option for windows – but when it comes to doors, traditional blinds can get in the way – and that banging and swinging when you open and close that door regularly can get annoying and noisy!  Blind cords can be a hazard for children and pets.  Plus traditional blinds are notorious dust catchers.  And cleaning them is not a fun job.

But we have found a product that addresses all of those issues and more. ODL add-on blinds are enclosed behind tempered glass… so there is no dusting, no exposed cords, no swinging and banging blinds.  Plus you get fingertip control to raise and lower the blinds.  You can also tilt them for a full view, complete privacy or anything in between.  They are easy to install and increase the door’s energy efficiency.  The frames on these blinds can be painted or stained to match the existing door.  ODL enclosed door glass is weather-cycle tested to keep moisture and humidity out. The soft white fabric of the between-the-glass shades will never yellow or fade.  ODL Doorglass Treatments not only add style to your door, but they add safety as well. Cordless blinds and cordless shades are enclosed between two panels of glass, eliminating potential danger from hanging cords.

ODL Add-on/DIY Blinds & Shades for raised frame doors are easy to install, requiring just a screwdriver. ODL Add-on/DIY Blinds for flush-frame doors require just a screwdriver and drill.  ODL offers a 20-year Enclosed Blinds & Shades warranty and 5-year Add-on/DIY Blinds & Shades warranty. ODL’s Add-On Blinds comes in the two most popular doorglass sizes:  a half-light (36″ high doorglass, +$79 retail value) and a full light (64″ high doorglass, a $117 retail value).  Visit www.ODL.com for more info.

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