How to Pressure Wash Siding | Video

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How to Pressure Wash Siding Pressure washing your siding is a quick way to boost your home’s curb appeal. It also saves money by prolonging the life of your siding. This project should only take about three hours for an average size home. If you already have a pressure washer and some basic safety gear, Read the full article…

Kitchen Updates for Under $1,000 #1010162

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Want to step up your kitchen but don't have the budget for a major makeover? Tom and Leslie deliver five kitchen updates you can do for under a 1,000 bucks, plus answers to your questions.

Avoiding Bed Bugs, Tips to Build the Best Patio and Solutions for Cooling Problem Rooms


While you’re busy planning your summer get-away, bed bugs may be busy planning how to join you! Tom and Leslie have tips to avoid bringing home the nasty little critters home with your souvenirs.   Plus, get tips on single easiest way to build a patio using paver bricks, and solutions for cooling problem rooms. We have answers to you questions on, metal roofing, water filtration system, asphalt driveway, foundation problems, spiders, hot water tanks, repairing pool steps, installing new molding,  central air conditioning.

Spring Cleaning Things that Never Get Cleaned, Using Kitchen Items as Organizing Tools and more


Get advice on how to clean things in your home that rarely get cleaned, like the underside of your kitchen range hood.  Discover life hacks for organizing that include using kitchen items like muffin tins.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, changing electrical panels, water lines, non chemical manufacturing, lighting, rusty well water, building a garage, ridge venting, tiling, bathroom venting, removal of stains on stair.

Creating Cutting Edge Walls From Wood Scraps, Closet Organization Tips That Actually Work, and Be the First to Decorate With This New Tile – 30 Years in the Making!


Love the look of hardwood?  Use it to create an accent wall – an on-trend look for less!  Discover how to get your closets organized and actually keep them that way.  And find out about the new tile shape that’s got the design industry buzzing.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, replace a fireplace with heating, flat roof leaking, remove carpet in basement – mold, wall pops, preparing wood before painting, insulate foundation, timers on lights, tub stain, hot water issues.

Affordable Home Gadgets that Impress, Money-Saving Heating Tips for Renters, and the Pros and Cons of Real and Fake Holiday Trees


Looking for that special something to wow holiday guests?  Consider these home gadgets that get big reactions for less.  Learn which changes can improve efficiency in apartments and rental homes.  And learn surprising benefits of real and fake trees.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, furnaces, pressure balance valves, replace siding, squeaky floors, paint siding, hardwood floors, fireplace installation, low water pressure, level floors, install doors.