When to Replace Your Washer or Dryer

If your washer or dryer is ten or more years old, now’s probably a good time to consider replacing it. Not only will you be heading off inevitable breakdowns and costly repairs in the coming months or years, but you’ll be taking an opportunity to actually put money back into the very pockets you’re laundering.

When you do purchase a new washing machine, do the smart thing and upgrade to an energy-efficient appliance that will save you money on your energy bills. This is easier to do than it sounds. Just look for the Energy Star label.

What does the Energy Star label tell you? Products that are Energy Star certified are guaranteed to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. For example, clothes washers that qualify to be labeled “Energy Star” use 50% less energy than standard washers. Further, they only use about 18-25 gallons of water per load–as opposed to 40 gallons used by a traditional washer.Washers And Dryers replacement

Maybe you’ve been shopping around already, and you’ve been having a tough time finding an Energy Star labeled dryer. Why? You won’t find an Energy Star rated dryer, because all dryers use about the same amount of energy. 

However, there are small steps you can take at home to maximize your dryer’s efficiency. For example, take advantage of the dryer’s moisture sensor option for shorter, more efficient drying cycles. 

Another way to keep dryer cycles short is to limit the amount of water your laundry carries into the dryer. You can do this by choosing the high-speed or extended-spin option on your washing machine. As a result, the drying cycle will be much shorter, saving energy, money, and wear and tear on your clothes. 

If you’re going to replace your washer, choose an Energy Star labeled washing machine for great savings on energy bills, and find simple ways to use your dryer more efficiently. Your clothes and your budget will thank you.

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