Protect Exerior Woodwork: Refresh and Restore with Cleaners and Finishes from Flood

Natural exterior woodwork like siding, railings, trim and shutters lend traditional detail and rustic warmth to a home. But years of exposure to sun, wind and moisture can take these exterior wood surfaces beyond rustic to downright worn, so theyneed occasional maintenance to keep looking their best.

Flood offers a full line of products formulated to clean, protect, preserve and beautify natural exterior wood for a great look year-round. Start sprucing up siding or finer details like trim and shutters with Flood Wood Cleaner. It cleans and brightens exterior wood surfaces that have become gray and dirty from exposure to sun, dirt and rain. And unlike bleach-based deck cleaners, Flood Wood Cleaner removes surface and ground-in dirt without damaging the sensitive wood fibers or the wood’s natural color. What’s more, a clean surface adds to the success of your project when you’re planning to refinish.

The next step is to select the look and longevity of protection needed for your exterior wood surface. Flood offers three varieties of finish formulations, each in a wide variety of colors. The Clear/Toner look is ideal for newer, less-weathered wood and adds a hint of color, highlights the natural wood grain, and protects for two-plus years. Flood’s Semi-Transparent selections enhance wood with rich, sheer color and allow the grain and texture to show through. Lasting three-plus years, Semi-Transparent finishes perform well on new and weathered wood and are available in a variety of colors. Finally, a Solid Color look can add rich, opaque color that hides imperfections, allowing wood texture to show while covering the appearance of aging wood. Solid Color finish works beautifully on either new or weathered wood and lasts five-plus years.

With proper care and a great finish, your home’s natural wood features will make a stylish statement for years to come. Flood is “The Wood Care Specialist” so you don’t have to be, and offers step-by-step project directions, tips and even an idea gallery to help you highlight and protect the beauty of natural wood. Take a stroll through the resources at for inspiration and easy, affordable ways to protect woodwork and add value to the home you love. 

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