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i have aluminum siding on my house which is over 40 years old. i want to get new siding for my home. i am hearing a lot of difference about vinyl and aluminum. what do i do?

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Sheetal Werneke answered 6 years ago

There are pros and cons to all siding materials, but your choices are not limited to vinyl or aluminum.  Check out our article "Siding Materials: How to Choose" and learn the differences between what is available to help determine which would best suit your home. 

Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

My first question to you would be Why are you thinking about the new siding?  Is yours just worn or damaged?  Both can be addressed if need be. With newer painting products and application methods you can refinish what you have to make it look almost new again.  Sections can be removed and replaced where damaged. The result is a much lower at end cost for you.


Years ago aluminum siding was all the rage, now so, not so much.  Although its still available it is quite more expensive then vinyl, does not offer as many color or style options and does not withstand abuse much like the better vinyl sidings can as it dents easily.


I think you should consider using vinyl siding not only for the options you have with color, style siding widths, but for the ease of the installation process which will take hundreds if not thousands off of the install cost.


When choosing this type of siding you need to understand about quality.  This is one product in which more is better.  And along with this you must think about just how long you intend to live in your current home were this is going to be installed.


The vinyl siding that you can purchase over the counter at the big box stores is I hate to say the bottom of the barrel when it comes to strength and longevity.  This is not to say that your not going to get 20 years out of it or not. But its thinner, making it more vulnerable to impact damage from mowers and string edgers.  It will tend to fade more then the better quality materials. and your choice is limited in colors and style.


The better vinyl sidings offer fantastic impact resistance. Much better fade resistance, longer lengths which mean less seams to see. Pre-fastened insulation on back making it feel more like a solid wood material then just plastic.  The list goes on.


Hope this helps.