Update Medicine Cabinet

I would like to do a minor update to our bathroom.  

the medicine cabinet is still in excellent shape but has gold metal trim around the mirrored doors.  I assume this is holding the mirror to the door.  Can I paint this or replace this to match the brushed nickel fixtures I'd like to use?

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Money Pit Team answered 6 years ago

You should be able to paint over these with no problems at all.  Try to determine what those "gold" frames are made of, my guess is it's brass.  You'll want to choose a metal paint if that's the case, one that will stand up to the extra moisture in the bathroom.  Tape off all of the areas that you don't want paint to get on very, very well.  Getting paint off of a mirror won't be easy!  Remember to choose a good quality paint.  You don't want any flaking or peeling after your project is complete.  Finally, test a small area to make sure you are happy with the result.  If the frame has an intricate design, you may need a couple of lighter coats – think stipple technique – rather than one heavy one to get into all of those nooks and crannies without globs of paint collecting in them.  Good luck and be sure to post photos of your results!

becker43235 answered 6 years ago

Looking closer they actually have some kind of clear plastic coating which is starting to peel off on one side of them.


This may pose a problem.  


any thoughts are appreciated.

Money Pit Team answered 6 years ago

You can try a fine grit sand paper to see if you can get some of that coating off.