CommunityShopping For An AC Install – What Do I Buy?

Shopping For An AC Install – What Do I Buy?

I'm about to purchase a mini-split ductless air conditioner.  The site where I'm going to buy it lists the accessories as well as the air conditioner. My question is, what exactly do I need for installation?  I'm having a licensed contractor put it in, but I have to purchase it first, including everything needed for the install. Thank you.

The Money Pit Answer

First, you are very wise to hire a contractor to put this together, because installing a ductless air conditioner is not a DIY project!
Have the contractor specify exactly what parts are necessary to complete this project in your home. There are many accessories and options.  I don't have enough information to determine which are advisable, and you don't have expertise - so have the contractor give you a shopping list, or - even better - have him do the shopping for you so he's responsible for the entire job.  The added hourly rate or charge you'll spend to have the contractor handle this for you is worth