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Old House Remodel/ Repair

When planning to start on an old house what would be the first thing to do……….The roof and gutters or the inside?

I would like to start with the roof and eliminate some water intrusion. My wife and I cannot agree. The house is about 110 years old and does need a lot of work. where to start??? Thanks

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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

You are absolutely on the right path by tackling the roof and gutters first. There's no sense in working on other areas until the home is protected from water damage.


I'd also suggest checking all window and door flashing (as well as on the roof) to make sure it's moving water away from the house.


And how water drains away from the home is just as important. Downspouts need to extend 10 feet from the home. Because this is a tripping hazard and can be unsightly, bury them underground, and use PVC pipe, which is sturdier and less prone to clogging than the typical black corrugated piping.


Once the house is dry and protected, I'd suggest moving on to windows and doors to help with energy efficiency. This will also give you a controlled environment while tackling the rest of your indoor projects.