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Kitchen Backsplash – Crooked Wall


I've been a DIYr for 20 years.  I've come across a problem with my kitchen backsplash.  I want to tile the area between the countertop and overhead cabinets but the cabinets are crooked.  The countertop is level.  The over a five foot span, the wall measures 15″ high on the left and 14 1/2″ on the right.  I want to use 7/8″ glass tile.  Where do I start?  Also let me say that this wall is directly in front of anyone entering the kitchen door, so I'm worried that everyone will notice.  Am I too worried about 1/2 inch over this span…will it be noticeable?

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

Humm, well you may be obsessing a bit too much but we appreciate your dedication!  My suggestion would be to "split the difference" and make up half the distance on the bottom seam and half on the top.  That's 1/4 inch over 5 feet.  If anyone notices that, tell them to get a life!