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Get Rid of Mildew Odor in Furniture

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How can the “old house” smell — or possibly mold — be removed from furniture? My father's furniture has been in mildew- and mold-scented homes, and now I want to move it into another home and not take the smell along. This particular old house had leaks and whatnot under the house in its past, but none recently. The house itself lost the scent when cleaned and painted, but because the scent remains in the crawl space, it's back. What can I use to get rid of it? Thank you.

The Money Pit Answer

It sounds like the odor that you're reporting is simply dampness. Moisture combines with dust and other irritants to give off an odor. The key here is going to be getting the furniture into a place dry enough for the moisture to evaporate - and the odor should go with it. Follow with a thorough cleaning of the furniture. You can often rent an upholstery-cleaning machine from your local home center and clean the upholstery yourself.