Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

I applied an epoxy-based coating to my garage floor, but it didn’t last all that long and started chipping away. I am ready to do it again, and want to know if you have any tips or products to recommend.

The Money Pit Answer

Like many a finish project, proper preparation is key to a great-looking and long-lasting garage floor.  While many manufacturers make epoxy garage floor coating, I have had good experience with QUIKRETE's Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Kit
QUIKRETE makes it easy to prepare the garage floor with its Bond-Lok concentrate. After the floor surface is thoroughly swept, Bond-Lok is mixed with water and applied to the floor to degrease, clean and etch the surface.
After the Bond-Lok garage floor application and a thorough rinsing and drying, it's time to add the epoxy-based finish in two-by-six-foot sections. You can also add QUIKRETE color flakes for extra flair. Finally, make sure the garage floor is thoroughly dry before you move your cars back in. Temperate and humidity can impact drying times making them far longer than the garage floor epoxy manufacturer predicts.

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duomit answered 8 months ago

The best possible DIY concrete prep is grinding. If you have done the necessary preparation and all concrete dust properly collected, you should not have any issues with the epoxy bonding to the surface. Reglamented coverage is a must. You should follow the manufacturer’s application methods to avoid any mistakes or improper use of materials.