CommunityDry Wall: How to remove texture

Dry Wall: How to remove texture

I am purchasing  a manufactured mobile home that was previously owned. The manufacturers use a type of drywall that has a wall paper like covering. I think it is referred to as vinyl over gypsum. The previous owners did a hurried job at texturing the interior walls. They textured right over the original wall covering & did not do a very good job at it. The texture is REALLY uneven & rougher than what I would like. I would like to know if texturing right on top of this wall paper like surface is o.k. & how would I go about changing the texture to something a little less rough?

I appreciate any tips or ideas in this matter.

Thank you for your program !!!!!

Carl in Weiser, Idaho    ( pronounced weezer )   LOL

The Money Pit Answer

Your options are limited.  You can sand off the texture but that will be messy and even if well done result in a wall that looks uneven.  The best option would probably be to skin the old wall by adding a layer of new drywall over the old drywall.