CommunityCork: Good Choice for a Bathroom Floor?

Cork: Good Choice for a Bathroom Floor?

Hi! I'm wondering what your advice would be regarding putting a cork floor in a bathroom.  Good choice, or should I pass?

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Cork is an eco-friendly flooring choice that's gaining popularity, for good reason: It's attractive, soft underfoot, and looks great.  It is also a very, very good choice for a bathroom. It lasts indefinitely - I've seen cork in homes that are 40 or 50 years old and still in good shape. Cork stands up very well to water and moisture, and lends warmth to a space, too.
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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

Cork floors are an excellent choice for a bathroom.  Cork is not only durable but also water proof.  It will need to be finished (and then refinished) periodically but it can last almost indefinately.  for example, this past summer I had the chance to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's famous "Falling Water"house.  Wright put cork floors in those bathrooms and they are still in great shape these 70+ years later!