Concrete Driveway Repairs: What Products to Use for Sealing and Repairing Concrete Surfaces

What's the proper way to protect and repair a concrete driveway? My home has a concrete driveway and walk–can concrete sealer be used to seal the concrete against oil and water? If so, which type of sealer is best for longevity and effectiveness? There are also some areas that need repair…Can I just patch them with mortar?

The Money Pit Answer

To prevent the need for concrete driveway repairs, I definitely recommend a sealer for your concrete drive and walkway. It will help to preserve the surface and color as well as help you clean up any spills that might happen. When choosing a concrete sealer, make sure you purchase one that is vapor-permeable. This means that the sealer will allow moisture to evaporate out of the concrete and not stay behind, where it can freeze and break the driveway apart!

For concrete driveway repairs, I recommend an epoxy patching compound, such as those made by Abatron. Note that you cannot patch old concrete with new mortar, because while it may look good for a bit, it will eventually freeze and split off during the very first winter. Epoxy patching compound will adhere permanently and survive for many, many winters, making for an effective and long-lasting concrete driveway repair.