Best Low Maintenance Siding

We’re planning to update the look of our home with new siding, but want to select a low-maintenance, long-lasting material. Any suggestions?

The Money Pit Answer

In addition to balancing concerns of cost, care and good looks, the best low-maintenance siding selection for your home is one that's a match for the climate and geography of your property. Vinyl is one popular material that definitely has most of these elements covered, but if it's not properly installed, it can get a little wavy on surfaces that experience relentless sun exposure. Vinyl siding is also susceptible to artillery fungus, which forms on the siding's surface when airborne spores come in for a landing on your home.
Another option is to invest a little more in your home's new look by going with a fiber cement siding product like HardiePlank lap siding. In addition to being easy to care for and virtually indestructible, it offers great protection in a range of climates and environments and the style flexibility of a paintable surface and varied textures.