Now Hear This: DIY Projects Can Lead to Hearing Loss

Hearing Protection and Home ImprovementWe all know that safety is job one when it comes to working with power tools and outdoor gear, but too many DIYers tend to turn a soon-to-be-deaf ear to reminders to wear hearing protection.

Most hearing loss is cumulative, happening over a long period of time, and many common tools emit the high decibels that accelerate hearing loss. Proper hearing protection is a must during continual exposure to anything reaching 85 decibels or higher. More home improvement buffs need to gear up accordingly, as 3M TEKK Protection and the National Safety Council found in their 2012 DIY Safety Survey. Among respondents, 47 percent of those who work with high-decibel equipment don’t wear any type of proper hearing protection, and only 25 percent feared harming their hearing during a DIY project.

You can tune into some examples of everyday hearing-loss threats with a look at the graphic above. It’s no surprise that a chain saw emits a high-decibel racket, but a little time with a lawn mower, weed trimmer or electric drill can also damage your hearing.

With National Safety Month coming to a close and a lot more summer projects ahead, invest in the right hearing protection for the jobs you need to do. You can choose from a range of earplugs, noise-reducing earmuffs, and even entertaining options like the 3M TEKK Protection Digital WorkTunes Hearing Protector and AM/FM Stereo Radio. Whatever the format, proper hearing protection will ensure that you’re able to fully enjoy the sounds of life outside the DIY zone.

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