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Window Slid Out of Frame: How to Repair?

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    MARLESE (sp): My windows – I have two and it’s an add-on where you walk in. And they’re probably about 7 feet long and 15 inches wide. They slid down and the top has a 2-inch gap where – so air is just coming in. They’re not the type you open. I heard you could put a suction cup and try to pull them up or something.

    TOM: So these windows – you say these windows slide but they’re not the kind that open? Well, that doesn’t make sense to me.

    MARLESE (sp): No, they’re not meant to slide.

    TOM: OK.

    MARLESE (sp): They’re just in the wood frame. And they slid down like 2-inch gap, where the air is coming in.

    TOM: I’m trying to imagine what this looks like. The window is not meant to slide. Is this window meant to open at all?

    MARLESE (sp): No.

    TOM: So it’s a permanent, solid pane that fits into a frame and somehow it slipped out of the frame?

    MARLESE (sp): Yeah, they both slid down, I’m guessing, in the wall somehow or down the frame.

    TOM: Is this a situation where the home is settling, do you think? Or is it just that this window sash has moved out of the frame that was holding it?

    MARLESE (sp): It just slid down in the frame that was holding it.

    TOM: This is a good time for you to take a photo of this window and post it to The Money Pit’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/TheMoneyPit so we can look at it and comment on it.

    However, if it’s a static window that was held into a wood frame and it’s absolutely not intended to move or open ever, then I don’t see why you couldn’t slide it back up from whence it came and secure it in place mechanically with screws or nails or other types of fasteners. Or brace it in place or use a silicone caulk around the outside edge, which would have the same effect of holding it in place. As long as it’s not designed to move whatsoever, then it’s just a mechanical matter of getting it back in place and securing it there in a more permanent way.

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