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    LESLIE: Mort in New Jersey needs some help with a flooring situation. What’s going on?

    MORT: Yeah, I’m sanding an old oak floor and I’ve collected all the sawdust and I want to mix it with something to fill the cracks. What do you recommend mixing it with?
    TOM: Well, why do you want to put the same sawdust back in there? You might be better off with a good-quality crack filler because if you mix it with – you know, oftentimes I, when I was doing woodworking projects, I would mix the glue – mix a little bit of yellow glue in with sawdust and put it in there. But that’s not going to stain the same as the rest of the floor. 
    MORT: Yes, and it’s also really hard to work with glue. We tried that. 
    TOM: Right, exactly, exactly. I would use a regular wood filler with that. I wouldn’t necessarily put the wood sawdust back in there. I mean if you use a good – like a Minwax wood filler or something of that nature or Elmer’s has a really good one that dries very quickly, you can press some sawdust into the top of that and affect the color. But at least it will be easy to sand and it will stain properly and finish properly. 
    MORT: OK, thanks, Tom. Thanks a lot. 
    TOM: Alright. Mort, good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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