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Tankless Hot Water Heaters for Faster Hot Showers

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    LESLIE: Dean in Utah is looking for some faster hot water. How can we help you?

    DEAN: My master bedroom is far away from the water heater and so it – my wife turns it on and it takes, you know – in the morning it takes about five to ten minutes to get the hot water to it. And so I wondered – you have any idea or any solution to it?

    TOM: Sure. The reason it takes that long is because of that physical distance. So if you were to cut that distance, say, in half it would take a lot less time.

    DEAN: (chuckling) Right, right.

    TOM: Now typically, you know, when we build domestic hot water systems, we have that one water heater in the house because the water heaters are so big. But because of the tankless water heater technology, today we can actually put multiple water heaters in a home and, hence, cut the distance that that water has to physically travel to get hot, especially for that first shower in the morning.

    So what you might want to think about looking into is installing a tankless water heater closer to the bedroom. They’re very small. They can fit either in a closet or even outside the house, if it’s a ranch, mounted to the exterior wall. If it’s a two-story home it could hang up higher. They’re direct-ventable so you don’t need a chimney system for that. And that would actually cut the distance and deliver you an unlimited supply of hot water in a very convenient way.

    DEAN: OK. And what’s the price – I mean are they affordable?

    TOM: Tankless water heaters are more expensive; a bit more expensive than tanked water heaters but they’re much more efficient. A good website to go to, to check this out, is SmarterHotWater.com. That’s the Rheem tankless water heaters and they are a sponsor of our show and they make a great product or we would not have them on the air. So why don’t you check that out? It’s a great place to start. SmarterHotWater.com.

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