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Remove Egg from Aluminum Siding

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    Michelle in New York is dealing with some local troublemakers. Her house got egged. What happened? Tell us about it?

    MICHELLE: Unfortunately the front of my house was plastered with eggs and – well it’s a painted white aluminum siding and I was curious to find out what product I can use to get that off without leaving a stain?

    TOM: And how long were the eggs on your house, Michelle? Was this from last mischief night or something?

    MICHELLE: No, it was just about a week ago.

    TOM: Michelle, here’s a little trick of the trade that can help get the egg off your house.

    MICHELLE: Yes.

    TOM: You need to mix up a solution of white vinegar and warm water. Are these stains in places that you can physically reach without too much trouble?

    MICHELLE: Actually, no. I’ll have to get a big ladder.

    TOM: OK. Well you want to go up there and you want to saturate it with some warm water and white vinegar; kind of a 50/50 solution.

    MICHELLE: Yeah?

    TOM: And that usually does a pretty good job of loosening up the eggs and getting it off your house.

    LESLIE: If there’s any way to secure that damp rag to the egg stain itself for a little while so you can sort of work your way around these stains, that’ll help; otherwise you’re going to have to hold it on there for a little bit to loosen up the egg itself.

    MICHELLE: OK, and will that leave a stain?

    TOM: No, it shouldn’t and, in fact, if you want to be sure I would start with one of the lowest stains possible and test it.


    TOM: You have to be very ginger with aluminum siding because remember, it’s painted metal. So if you press too hard it can come off. You have to be careful not to scrub too much. You really just more or less want to blot it off.

    MICHELLE: Alright, then. That sounds great. Thank you so much.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Michelle. Thanks so much for reaching us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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