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Remove Dried Plaster from Hardwood Floors

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    LESLIE: Talking cleaning with Sandra in Texas. How can we help you?

    SANDRA: My husband and I have recently moved into a house that we purchased. And the previous owner had refinished the hardwood floors and then somebody did some plaster work and has dropped either plaster or cement or both in various places on the floor and I’d like to know how to get it off.

    TOM: Very carefully. If the floors were refinished, I think with a plastic trowel you might have a shot at scraping some of that away. And then what you’re going to want to use is a very fine abrasive pad like a Scotch pad.

    SANDRA: Uh-huh.

    TOM: And try to rub it very carefully using small sort of circular motions like you’re buffing your car to try to get the rest of it out. You could also try some rubbing compound if you get down to having just a little bit left. And then, once you’re done, you may find that the floor under there is a little duller than surrounding areas. And you can combat that with some paste wax. But it has to be floor paste wax because it’s not slippery.

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