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Remove Deck Stain from Aluminum Siding

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    LESLIE: Vince in Delaware needs some help with a staining project gone bad. What happened?

    VINCE: I stained my deck with elliptic (ph) stain …
    TOM: OK.
    VINCE: … and I splashed it up on my siding.
    TOM: Uh-oh, you were a sloppy stainer.
    VINCE: Yes, I am; I’m the most sloppy painter there is. (Tom and Leslie chuckle) I splashed it up and then I wiped it off with a rag, but there’s the tan stain on my yellow siding.
    TOM: What kind of siding was that? Did you say aluminum?
    VINCE: Aluminum siding, yes sir.
    TOM: Yeah, you’re going to have to paint it, my friend. You know, I don’t – you can try a slight abrasive. You know what you might want to try is some compound from an auto parts store; from an auto – like a Pep Boys; because that’s a very slight abrasive in it like you would use if you were compounding your car finish. You may be able to abrade just enough of that old stain off to bring some color back. But the aluminum siding is probably – the paint is probably fairly worn on that anyway, so you may have to just repaint it. But you couldn’t hurt it by seeing if you could get a little bit off first with an abrasive cleanser or a compound.

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