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Painting a Vinyl Floor: Not a Good Idea

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    LESLIE: Maryellen in Connecticut finds The Money Pit on WABC and wants to talk about paint and floors. How can we help you.

    MARYELLEN: We have moved into a new home. Well, not new. It’s an older home and (INAUDIBLE) …

    LESLIE: New for you. That’s OK.

    MARYELLEN: (chuckling) Yeah. There’s a lot to fix up.

    TOM: OK.

    MARYELLEN: And we want to be able to save some money. We want to be able to put a nice wood floor down in our – on our ground level floor. But – or ground level portion of our house. But we just – right now we can’t really afford to and I’m hoping that there’s some way we could spruce up the vinyl floor that’s down there already. I would like to paint it but my concern is that it might be too slippery.

    TOM: You know, if you paint the vinyl floor, it’s not likely to be able to stick and last. vinyl flooring is just not designed to be painted. If you want a cheap alternative, you know, go out and pick up some (INAUDIBLE) sheet vinyl and put that down as an option. But painting the floor when it’s vinyl is probably not a good idea.

    MARYELLEN: Really?

    TOM: Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to stick.

    MARYELLEN: OK. Now, I just – another question is I’m not sure whether it’s vinyl or linoleum or whether it’s – would linoleum make a difference?

    TOM: It doesn’t matter. No, I just wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just not designed for it. If it was a wood floor we could talk about some oil-based finishes that would be fairly durable but for a vinyl floor there’s no guarantee that it’s going to stick.


    TOM: Alright, Maryellen?

    MARYELLEN: That’s what I had heard but I was hoping (INAUDIBLE) …

    TOM: Yeah. No, that’s accurate advice.


    TOM: Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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