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Minimizing Window Condensation

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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to talk to Shannon in Alabama who’s dealing with condensation on the windows. What’s going on?

    SHANNON: Yes, I have six windows in my house that they’re vinyl, double-pane windows that are getting condensation down around the bottom of the window between the wood and the actual vinyl itself and around the center section where the two windows meet. And it’s only on two sides of my home and I didn’t know if it may have been an insulation problem with the windows or what. I really didn’t know …

    TOM: Shannon, did you say that these are thermal pane windows? They’re two panes thick or are they single-pane?

    SHANNON: Two-pane, yes.

    TOM: They’re two-pane. And is the condensation inside between the panes or is it on one side or the other?

    SHANNON: It’s on the inside of – inside of the home, that is. It’s not in between the panes.

    TOM: That sounds to me like those insulated panes are not working because if they were you wouldn’t have the temperature differential that you do that’s causing the condensation. You see, if that insulated pane, that thermal pane, was working properly, then that would be a fairly warm surface and if you had warm, humid air that touched a chilly surface – for example, in the winter – it would condense but if it’s insulated properly that wouldn’t happen.

    LESLIE: How old are the windows?

    SHANNON: The windows are – the home was built in 2004.

    TOM: Let me guess. Is it happening on the north and the east sides?

    SHANNON: Yes, I believe it is.

    TOM: That’s because those are the coldest sides of your house and so you have more temperature change there.

    SHANNON: I see.
    TOM: So I would say that your first step is to try to reduce indoor humidity any way you can and the second thing is try to figure out if those windows are still under warranty because, I’m telling you, something’s not right with those thermal panes. It should not be happening.

    SHANNON: OK. I appreciate it.

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