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Insulating A Garage Door: What Options Exist?

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    LESLIE: Cody in Texas is on the line with a garage-door question. How can we help you today?

    CODY: I’m interested in insulating the garage door. The garage has insulated ceiling, the walls, everything, except for the door. You know, it’s just that thin, metal panel and I wasn’t sure if it’s worth my money to go ahead and buy a door that’s insulated, like from Overhead Door Company, or if it would be just as good to buy foam panels and cut them out and try to fit them into each panel themselves.

    TOM: Well, you’ve got nothing to lose by taking the inexpensive route first, because foam panels are pretty cheap, and are sometimes sold as garage door insulation kits.  And yes, if you can fit them securely inside those garage – those existing, metal, garage-door panels, you’re probably going to pick up as much insulation as you would if you replaced the whole thing.

    An insulated garage door doesn’t, in and of itself – even if it’s brand new is not going to add that much insulation value to it. So, really, all you have is as much foam as you can squeeze in there.

    But remember, just as important as the insulating – the door panels is to make sure that you add weatherstripping along the edge of the garage door and that it’s adjusted so that it sits well against the concrete floor and it sits well against the jambs – both the side jamb and the overhead jamb. Because I would think that wind is probably your biggest enemy in trying to keep that garage warm. And it’s good that you’ve got the rest of it insulated and certainly, insulating the panels will help. But garage doors aren’t really known for their comfort, so whatever you do is going to have a limited effect.

    CODY: OK, OK. Good deal. So the bid I got was $880. I think I will go with the foam sheets first because that’s – I’ll probably have $80 total in that.

    TOM: Yeah, exactly. And see how that goes.

    CODY: OK. Well, I do appreciate it. I always listen to the show and appreciate the advice.

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