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Install an Artificial Lawn

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    LESLIE: Dawn in California has had it with a natural lawn and is looking for advice to install an artificial lawn. What’s the matter? Too many droughts got your lawn looking brown?

    DAWN: I had rock, actually.

    LESLIE: So this is a step up.

    DAWN: Yes.

    LESLIE: So tell us about the product that you’re looking at. Have you chosen something or not yet?

    DAWN: Not yet. I’ve just heard about them and I’d like to go green, basically. So I want to know what’s the best way to install them.

    LESLIE: I have seen artificial lawns that are sort of in fashion. We did one once on While You Were Out. We had a company come in and do it. And it was in large tiles. I want to say they were like 24×24. And they did a sand base and then they put down these lawn tiles. And then they took a granulated rubber and they spread it in between the fibers of this artificial lawn just to give it that cushy feel and to make the grass sort of stand up and give it a dark base so it really was prominent. You didn’t notice the sand. You didn’t notice the rubber. But it was definitely something that a pro had to do because there were so many odd materials.

    TOM: And I’ve seen artificial lawn that has been used in stadiums that is sort of – I won’t say it’s an Astroturf but it looks very much like grass. And it’s created in the same way. It has sort of a solid rubber base. It’s – you know, it probably would be a great product, especially if you had kids, because you wouldn’t have to worry about them, you know, falling on a hard surface.

    But I think the issue is maintenance. You know, if you have a product where you have to spread rubber pebbles in there or, you know, one that’s going to be subjected to the wear and tear of any yard, my main question would be what is it going to take to maintain it. Because that’s where the rubber meets the road and that’s what’s going to make the difference between a lawn that always looks good and one that sort of wears out and is hard to keep looking good.

    DAWN: Right. Well I’ve heard you just have to wash it off.

    TOM: Well, if it’s that simple. You know? Maybe that’s fine. But you know, I’ve just not seen that.

    LESLIE: A national company that has a lot of local dealers is Waterless Grass. And their website is WaterlessGrass.com. There’s also another company called SynLawn; S-y-n-L-a-w-n.com. And they have a lot of national representatives. I mean I would definitely go with a national company that has a lot of experience in it just so that you know you’re getting the right stuff and the best stuff for your budget.

    TOM: And a good, solid warranty to boot.

    DAWN: Thank you very much.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Dawn. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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