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    LESLIE: Charles in Alabama, how can we help you in your money pit?

    CHARLES: I’ve got vinyl siding on my home and I’ve hit it when mowing; with a lawn mower. A rock – picked up a rock and hit it and put a hole in it. What do you do about that?

    TOM: Not much. You have to replace the piece of vinyl siding. Do you happen to have any extra?

    CHARLES: No, uh-uh. No, actually it’s a mobile home.

    TOM: Oh. Well, I’ll tell you, what you’re – I would suggest that you think about taking a piece off the least visible side of the house and moving it over there; perhaps putting the damaged piece over to that side. You can move pieces around or you could probably search out …

    CHARLES: [That’s a good idea.] (ph)

    TOM: You could search out for a replacement piece. But siding is not very forgiving in terms of any repair.

    LESLIE: Yeah, do you need to remove everything from above it and sort of replace that one piece and then re-tack on or can you patch over it?

    TOM: No, there’s a little siding tool that helps you sort of unzip that piece out of it. And you can kind of take it apart in place.

    CHARLES: OK, great. Thank you.

    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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