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    LESLIE: Tim in Texas is looking to seal a door. How can we help?

    TIM: Yes, I was just trying to find out what’s a good product to use to seal the front door – the main door into the house?

    LESLIE: Seal around the trim work; seal under the door? Where are you feeling the draft?

    TIM: This is actually when you close the door. You know, they usually have that little metal flashing or something there.

     TOM: When you close the door do you see an even gap all the way around it? Can you identify specifically where the drafts are coming through, Tim?

    TIM: I can feel the draft at the bottom of the door and on one side.

    TOM: OK, so on the bottom of the door what you’re going to probably want to do is replace the door sill or you can add something called a door sweep, which is usually a rubber or sometimes a brush-like looking piece …

    LESLIE: Yeah, it looks brushy like a broom handle or …

    TOM: Yeah right, like a broom handle that goes along the bottom of the door and that will seal that in. The other thing to look at – how old is your house, Tim?

    TIM: Thirty years.

    TOM: Well, is the door 30 years old?

    TIM: Yes.

    TOM: Alright, well it’s probably not adjustable. I was going to tell you if it was a newer door there may be plugs in the sill that you could remove and actually adjust the doorsill up and down, but if not you’re going to have to use conventional weatherstripping. And then on the other side of the door where you feel the draft you’re simply going to want to replace the weatherstripping there or add additional weatherstripping and any home center or hardware store can sell that to you. It’s very easy to install. Some of it you have to nail on; some of it has sort of sticky-back tape that you peel it off. But a fairly simple home improvement project to tackle.

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