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Cracks in Concrete Driveway from Tree Roots

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    LESLIE: Alright, now we’ve got David on the line who’s dealing with a driveway versus a tree scenario. Tell us what’s going on?

    DAVID: Thanks for taking my call, you guys. Yeah, the house was built in 1974 and I’m sure the driveway was probably poured the same time. So it’s a concrete driveway and the problem I’m having is I’ve got beautiful oak trees all along that line the driveway but the driveway is starting to get some buckles, starting to get some cracks. The worst places I’ve fixed and there’s no possible way I can match the concrete, so I’m getting this checkerboard – checkerboard is probably a kind word (Tom chuckles); just real nasty-looking pattern. I don’t know where I should go from here; if I need to replace the driveway, which I don’t have the money to do, or is there some other alternative that I could be looking at.

    TOM: Do you like your trees?

    DAVID: I do. (Tom chuckles) Yeah, that’s really not part of the scenario and that was part of the (inaudible at 0:12:12.4).

    TOM: Yeah, this is the price you pay. This is the price you pay. I mean look, you can keep trying to seal it and fill it and repair it and patch it but it’s just going to look worse and worse and worse and eventually you’re going to want to just replace it.

    You know, if you do replace it, you might want to think about – you love the trees; it’s going to continue to keep happening. You might want to think about just replacing it with paver bricks because you can take apart your driveway every few years when the roots get crazy and cut them down a bit and then basically put it all back together again the same way you took it apart.

    DAVID: Alright, well thank you guys so much. I greatly, greatly appreciate it.

    TOM: You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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