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Cost-Effective Sprinkler System

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    LESLIE: Virginia in North Carolina has a gardening question for us. How can we help you today?

    VIRGINIA: Yes. Can you tell me if automatic sprinklers in the lawn are cost-effective in this area in …?

    LESLIE: In North Carolina?

    VIRGINIA: That’s right.

    LESLIE: Now, do you have a sprinkler system already or you’re thinking about it?

    VIRGINIA: No, we do not.

    LESLIE: Now, it’s kind of interesting because sprinkler systems, they help you absolutely to have a beautiful lawn and really make it easy to water your lawn and keep things lush and green without forgetting, which was our problem before we actually got a sprinkler system. But if you want an efficient system, you can actually get sprinkler heads that are part of the WaterSense rating program.

    And what that is – it’s something very similar to Energy Star, where they take the sprinkler head and make sure that it only uses a certain amount of water and really cuts down on your water usage, which is going to save you money and of course, save the environment by using less water. So that’s one way to create an efficient system.

    VIRGINIA: Well, is that something that the local lawn people would know about?

    LESLIE: You know, Virginia, if you want some more specifics on irrigation specialists in your area that might actually use those WaterSense-rated sprinkler systems, go to the EPA.gov website. It’s EPA.gov/WaterSense. And when you’re there, you can actually search for certified irrigation partners of the WaterSense program.

    And there’s actually 65 listed for North Carolina alone. I’m not sure where in North Carolina these folks are but I’m sure someone is where you live and you could actually get to work today.

    VIRGINIA: Alright. Thank you very much.

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