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Clogged Shower Drain Discovered During Home Inspection

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    LESLIE: Sue in Florida is on the line with a shower that doesn’t drain. Tell us about it.

    SUE: Well, we’re getting ready to close on a home and after the home inspection, we found that the water stands on the shower floor and doesn’t drain.

    TOM: OK. So this came up during the home inspection, Sue?

    SUE: Yes.

    TOM: Well, I would have the seller fix this. What’s causing it? Who knows? Could be as simple as a clogged drain. It could be something more complex, like a broken pipe beneath the slab or a missing vent pipe. But that’s a mechanical issue and mechanical systems usually have to be in working-order condition at the time of closing.

    So I would ask the seller to repair that. And if they’re not going to repair it, to give you a substantial credit because you’re going to have to do the investigation to figure out what it is and get it fixed on your own. And when drains are in floors and probably inside of a slab floor, it could be very complicated, it could become expensive.

    Good luck with that project, Sue. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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