Cleaning Your Refrigerator’s Ice Maker

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    LESLIE: Bob in Alabama has a fridge that’s on the fritz. What’s going on?

    BOB: (clears throat) I’ve got a side-by-side refrigerator with an ice dispenser in the door and when I was taking it apart and doing some cleanup, I discovered there was a black slime that had grown around the mechanism. And as the ice passes through that opening for the door, it makes contact with that and it’s rather disgusting and scary.
    TOM: Yeah, absolutely.
    BOB: But apparently, what I think is happening is my kids will fill their partially-filled glass that has Kool-Aid and drinks in it with ice and it splashes up in there and, man, it makes that bacteria and slime grow. So, as kind of a caution to the listeners, maybe they can take this in mind and be more thorough in their cleaning.
    TOM: That’s actually a pretty common condition and I think that – I’m glad you bring it up because a lot of folks don’t know that they have to clean that entire distribution channel from where the ice drops into the door right through to where it comes out because of this very reason. You do get food particles that will bounce up into there. You get liquids, you get sugar and that’s going to be a source for all sorts of organic growth. So, in order to keep that clean and healthy, you’ve got to clean it on a regular basis. And so that’s a smart thing that you did and I bet you’ll be checking that twice from now on.
    BOB: Oh, absolutely. It will be one of my main points of cleaning.

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