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    Summary: Learn caulking tips. Find out how to choose the right caulk product for the job.

    TOM: It’s time to talk the caulk. You know caulk is one of the most versatile building products out there, but choosing the right caulk for your job can be pretty confusing. So whether you want to seal out water, seal out air, or do a little job like glue the soap dish back up to this tile, picking the right product is pretty important.

    One of my favorite tricks of the trade when it comes to caulking your bathtub is this, fill the tub up with water first. Water is very heavy. It tends to pull the tub down and then after you caulk and the caulk dries you let the water out the tub comes back up. It compresses the caulk against the tile and then when you step in to take a shower or a bath that caulk will never pull out.

    When it comes to caulking your bathtub the right product to use is one that has an anti-Microban additive so that white caulk doesn’t turn mold green very quickly. When it come to caulking your windows or doors outside the house you want to use the best quality acrylic latex caulk you can find. This way the caulk will last a long time and it’s paintable so you can have it any color you want.

    Here’s one final tip, sometimes you don’t want caulk to last that long, like this, it’s called seal and peel. It’s temporary caulk. You put it on in the fall and you peel it off in the spring. You put it inside your windows and it keeps those drafts out all winter long.

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