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Can I Run Floor Heat From a Hot Water Heater?

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    MARK: Well, I was wondering if it would be cost-effective to run floor heat off of my gas water heater in my bathroom.

    TOM: No. First of all, you have the initial installation of the piping under the floor. Secondly, a water heater produces hot water at around 110 degrees, which is not nearly warm enough to warm your floor. Hydronic heat using a boiler, on the other hand, is going to come out much, much hotter. More like maybe 160 degrees. And so you really can’t use a water heater to provide enough heat to deliver radiant heat.

    Now, if – is this a new bathroom you’re putting in, Mark?

    MARK: No. Matter of fact, it’s – there’s a crawlspace under it, too.

    TOM: So, I think that you’re probably best just insulating that floor and not trying to heat it, because it’s an awful lot of work for just a bathroom to add that.

    MARK: Right. Well, that answers my question.

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