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Can I Leave Moss on My Roof?

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    LESLIE: Penny in Michigan, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    PENNY: Yeah, I have a question. We live in the woods and we have moss growing on our roof.

    TOM: OK.

    PENNY: And I think it looks pretty nice but my husband thinks we need to get it off. What’s your verdict?

    TOM: Why does your husband think you need to get it off?

    PENNY: He thinks it’s damaging the shingles.

    TOM: Well, if it gets really, really thick, it can lift the shingles up and possibly cause leaks but it’s mostly a cosmetic thing.

    PENNY: Really?

    TOM: Yes.

    PENNY: I’m so glad to hear this. So we can just leave it and let it look nice and pretty.

    TOM: You can, as long as it doesn’t get too terribly thick and start to grow under the shingles because then, again, it could – it’s going to hold water against them and that’s going to sort of work its way into the roof sheathing and that could cause rot. So a little bit is OK but if it gets to be really thick, then I would treat it with a mildicide. And you could do that simply with a bleach …

    PENNY: (overlapping voices) Mildicide?

    TOM: Yeah, a bleach-and-water solution works fine.

    PENNY: Bleach water. OK.

    TOM: Yep, exactly.

    PENNY: OK. Well, thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Penny.

    PENNY: (overlapping voices) You’ve settled an argument. (Leslie chuckles)

    TOM: (chuckling) Alright. Well, we’re happy to help. (Penny chuckles) The number is 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

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