Green Moving: Steps to Take

If moving is on the horizon for you, there are lots of great options for green moving that can help save money and keep waste from littering the transition.  Here are several green moving steps you can take:

Ban the Boxes: While cardboard varieties can take a few rounds of use, the better, cheaper option is actually a fleet of reusable plastic bins that you either rent directly or select as part of a green moving package (available from such regional services as Rentagreenbox). They’re easy to pack and do a better Green Moving: Steps to Takejob of protecting your stuff in the process. Plus, they last far longer than cardboard boxes, helping many movers before and after you.  Another very green moving feature is the built-in box return deadline, which ensures a speedy unpacking period in your new home.

Choose an Earth Friendly Green Mover: Many reputable green moving companies make earth-friendliness a priority. This can include everything from bio-fueled moving vans to the use of 100% cotton moving pads. Experienced, professional moving personnel will know how to carefully pack your belongings in the fewest boxes possible for a minimum of trips from Point A to Point B.

Less is More: A big factor in your green moving experience is the amount of stuff you have in the first place.  Remember, less to haul means less human and automotive energy used, and more room to enjoy in your new home. Go through your belongings and edit down to what you truly want to take into your new home life, and recycle the rest via yard sales and charitable donations.

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