Window Tinting for Energy Savings

Window tinting doesn’t just give you privacy within your home; it helps regulate the temperature of your home by trapping in heat during the winter and by keeping heat out during the summer. Here is a breakdown of how window tinting works and how it can ultimately lower your energy bill by up to 75% during the coldest and hottest months of the year:

Keeping Things Cool
Window tinting is essentially just a shade of window film. While the tint itself takes away the glare from UV rays, the window film itself is what reduces the amount of rays that get through. Notice that when UV rays are hitting solid objects in your house long enough that they heat them up tremendously. This heat isn’t limited to just the surface of those objects; they actually give off heat as the rays hit them and make your house more humid and muggy. Tinting your windows with quality window film can help reduce these rays by up to 99% as they reflect the majority of the UV rays off the windows. An added bonus is that this helps reduce your furniture, especially leather, by keeping these UV rays from harming the fabrics and causing their coloration to fade.

Keeping You Toasty During the Winter
During the winter time we all want to stay nice and warm throughout the holidays. In colder climates some folks might be paying as much for their gas bill s their electric bill just to hold the house at 70 degrees. The fact is that blaring the heater too much can make the house muggy and through condensation make the temperature more humid and uncomfortable. Window film can trap heat inside the home by reflecting it off the windows, allowing it to circulate throughout the house. By preventing the natural heat from leaving a home you spend less money and energy cranking up the furnace and don’t have to suffer deal with potentially harmful moisture in your home.

Along with the year-around savings in your energy bills, you can also get tax credits by utilizing window filmin any of your residential structures.  Nevertheless, the tax credits are nothing compared to the money you’ll save on preserving the interior of your home, energy bills, and maintenance fees on temperature control equipment throughout the year.

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