Pet Safety During Home Improvements

When you are taking on a home improvement project, be sure to keep your pets safely out of the danger zone. For the sake of pet safety, it might even be worth it to board your cat or dog or have it stay with friends.

Here’s why: paints and solvents can cause anything for minor stomach upset if ingested, to chemical burns.  If your dog or cat mistakes a nail or screws for a treat, it could cause damage to the intestine or even lead to a blockage. Even fresh cement can irritate or even be corrosive to the skin of some pets.  Just in case, keep phone numbers for your vet, an emergency vet and The ASPCA Poison Control Center handy.  Be ready to tell the vet or hotline what type of dog or cat you have, how much it weighs, what type of poison you believe it has ingested and any symptoms your pet is experiencing.

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