How to Clean Shaving Cream and Toilet Paper After Halloween Pranks

Post-Halloween cleanup can be tough.  Not only are you waking up with a candy hangover… but the neighborhood kids have targeted your house this year.  If part of Halloween fun in your area includes toilet papering trees, egging houses and generally creating an annoying mess, we’ve got your clean up tips here. The most important thing to remember is that post-Halloween clean up must be done promptly. Here are the most popular prank ingredients and the easiest ways to clean up.

How to Clean Shaving Cream and Toilet Paper After Halloween PranksEggs can corrode painted surfaces within hours, especially in warmer temperatures. First carefully pick off the egg shells. Next, hose off as much of the egg as possible. For stubborn stuck-on egg, cover with a paper towel soaked in a 50/50 warm water and vinegar solution and let sit before wiping off.

Toilet paper must be removed before it rains… it’s much harder to get rid of when it’s soggy. Stick duct tape to a broom handle to get hard to reach pieces. 

Shaving cream can leave permanent marks on cars. Never let it bake in the sun all day. Wipe off with a damp cloth as soon as you can.
Spray string can also be very damaging to the paint on cars. The string hardens and adheres to the painted surface. Don’t use your finger nail to pick off the string because your car’s paint may come off with it. First, hose off as much of the string as possible. Then use a cotton ball or cotton swab to lift off any remaining string.
Pumpkin guts on your sidewalk or driveway can be a slick, slippery mess. Hose down sidewalks and driveways before the pumpkin guts harden and make it even more difficult to clean them up.
Remember to clean off your shaving creamed car and toilet papered tree as soon as possible. Otherwise, those Halloween pranks will be haunting your house for years to come.

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