4 Insanely Cool Coffee Tables that Do Double Duty

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The coffee table has long been a living room fixture, well – probably since we first had living rooms!  And while not many actually use this traditional element to serve coffee, it’s still an important centerpiece of room decor, which is why we thought these tables would be amazing to show you.  From fish tank to foosball, and mix tape to gamers – these modern coffee table designs are functional, beautiful and fun, and will surely make for great conversation starters for living room gatherings from coffee to cocktail parties!

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

If you are a gaming fan then this Nintendo Controller table is a perfect choice for you!  This table looks like a retro Nintendo controller and is made out of plywood with dovetail joinery and mid-century modern legs. The top side of the table features removable glass which reveals a controller that can be used to play games which is pretty awesome. Talk about a modern coffee table with an old school feel!

nintendo coffee table
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Coffee Table Aquarium

The web is full of cool and weird furniture designs but a coffee table aquarium is pretty unique!  The top of the table is removable to allow for cleaning the aquarium, and it features a fluorescent light at the base of the table for a very modern glow.

coffee table
Photo Credit: Advanced Aquarist

Mixtape Coffee Table

Musicians and music-fans alike will love this cool mixtape coffee table. The mixtape coffee table is made out of high-grade Baltic Birch Plywood with Maple veneer, solid American Walnut “tape” and a hand-rubbed oil finish. The polished glass top sits on hand-bent steel powder coated legs. This coffee table design is really outstanding and it will definitely leave your guests with a tune stuck in their heads!

mix tape coffee table
Photo Credit: This is Colossal

Barrington Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball is an incredibly fun game that this coffee table has taken to a new level. Guests can enjoy a spirited game while admiring the workmanship of this well-made addition to a living or even game room. The foosball coffee table is elegantly designed with wood construction  sturdy glass top  glass to keep the ball in play.

foosball coffee table
Photo Credit: MD Sports

These modern coffee tables prove that furniture can be a true form function, fun and artistry. Oh, and you can also use them to serve coffee!

Editor’s Note:  Mark Chop is a former professional foosball player and today blogs about foosball. Mark’s blog covers everything you need to know foosball, foosball equipment and foosball tables. If you’re interested in learning more about foosball, visit foosballzone.com/foosball

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