Tom Kraeutler

Tom Kraeutler is the Host, Founder and Chief Home Improvement Evangelist of The Money Pit. He is a hands-on home improvement broadcast journalist and the kind of guy homeowners want to call at midnight when their basement floods. He first earned his home improvement stripes as a professional home inspector, amassing over 20 years experience learning how houses are put together, and how they fall apart!

Tom is an accomplished speaker and appears regularly as a how-to guru on network and local television stations including Fox, CNN, MSNBC, The History Channel, HGTV and the DIY Network. A successful author, columnist and blogger, Tom served as AOL’s Home Improvement Editor. His work has been featured in House Beautiful, Smart Money, Reader's Digest and in hundreds of websites and newspapers across the nation. Together with Leslie Segrete, Tom co-authored My Home, My Money Pit: Your guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure.

Tom's unique ability to combine encyclopedic home improvement knowledge with a comfortable and educational broadcasting style has earned him many loyal followers. Talkers Magazine has named Tom one of the "100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America" and when listeners experience his dynamic presence, they'll know why!

Leslie Segrete - Leslie is probably best known as carpenter and seamstress on TLC's hit surprise makeover show, "While You Were Out". She now brings her expertise and experience to a whole new audience each week as co-host of The Money Pit...
The Money Pit Team - Behind the radio speaker, there's a whole lot of effort involved in delivering The Money Pit every single week. Fortunately, Tom & Leslie have a crack team of radio pros behind them to help get it all done. Meet the folks that make it all happen.
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