Schlage Alarmed Lock Provides Innovative Security

Many of us rely on security systems to keep our families safe, but alarms often trigger too late—after an intruder has already kicked in a door. With the new Alarmed Lock from Schlage, you can instantly hear what’s happening at the door. The Schlage Alarmed Lock combines the security of a strong, secure lock with a sensor alarm that sounds the moment it detects vibration or motion with a door or handle. It also lets you select from three alarm modes: a preset Forced Entry Alert, a Tamper Alert that sounds when the doorknob or lever has been disturbed, and an Activity Alert that gives two short beeps every time a door opens or closes, perfect for monitoring daily household traffic.

Schlage Alarmed LockThe battery-operated Schlage Alarmed Lock is easy to install on existing pre-drilled doors: all you need is a screwdriver. It comes with a lifetime-limited warranty on mechanical components and finish, plus a one-year electronics warranty. Look for the Schlage Alarmed Lock at The Home Depot, and or learn more at