Finish Painting Projects Perfectly with Exact Color Caulk

Whether you’re sprucing up rooms for holiday guests or refreshing a space with the latest shade, give your project a perfectly matched finish with eXact Color Caulk. Designed to be mixed with whatever paint color you’re working with, eXact Color Caulk provides long-lasting sealing that allows you to paint first, then caulk.

eXact Color CaulkUse eXact Color Caulk for super-elastic sealing that won’t crack or pull away from seams, trim, windows, doors or siding. It’s perfect for rounded or accent walls, and is a speedy fix when paint bleeds through painter’s tape. Instead of painting over caulking when working with trim, baseboards, wainscoting, crown molding or chair rails, just add your project paint to eXact Color Caulk for an exact match and color that won’t chip or peel away from caulked areas. eXact Color Caulk can also be mixed with latex wood stains and metallics, and dries to a flexible finish that sticks, stretches and stays.

eXact Color Caulk is available at Ace, True Value and other independent hardware stores, as well as on Learn more about eXact Color Caulk at