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Holiday Home Improvements: Bathrooms, Childproofing, Painting and More

Expecting a crowd this holiday season?  Here are some holiday home improvements to make sure your guests stay safe and happy and have fun!

Flooring.  Installing new carpeting or redoing your hardwood floors will make a good impression on guests.

Paint.  Painting is an easy holiday home...

Bathroom Faucets

Learning how to prevent plumbing problems such as leaks, bursting pipes, and clogged drains is easy with the right tools. Old and new homes alike require year-round attention to plumbing details, so watching for the signs of plumbing problems is a must.

If you pack a little know-how and a...

Air Quality

The American bathroom is undergoing a major renovation. The standard 5'x8' bathroom with a tub and shower combo is giving way to a spa-like setting with artistic styling and unique materials. Bathroom ventilation however, is frequently underpowered to handle the steam, humidity and warm...

Kitchen Remodeling

Want a quick tip to keep tile flooring looking like new? Make a solution of white vinegar and water to wash your tile floor. The vinegar cleans and shines the tile floor without leaving streaks.

Plus, vinegar is half the cost of those expensive tile cleaners -- as well as being a safe,...

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Repair
No need to go to the expense and trouble of ripping out dirty grout or worn tile.  Instead, bathroom or kitchen tile and grout can be given new life using simple tools and clever touch-ups.   
Clean up: A thorough cleaning can actually do wonders if tile grout is stained or discolored....

Get low-cost remodeling ideas for bathrooms including tips on water-saving toilets, sinks and showers, bath ventilation, removing mold, storage solutions and bath cleaning tips.