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Want a quick tip to keep tile flooring looking like new? Make a solution of white vinegar and water to wash your tile floor. The vinegar cleans and shines the tile floor without leaving streaks.

Plus, vinegar is half the cost of those expensive tile cleaners -- as well as being a safe,...

Home Repairs Tips by Age of House

As long as there have been homes, there have been home repairs. If you know the age of your home, however, problems common to homes built in that era that can be avoided.

While home construction has changed quite dramatically over the years, every era of home construction had its strengths...

Air Quality

The American bathroom is undergoing a major renovation. The standard 5'x8' bathroom with a tub and shower combo is giving way to a spa-like setting with artistic styling and unique materials. Bathroom ventilation however, is frequently underpowered to handle the steam, humidity and warm...

Banish Excessive Home Dampness with the Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Worried about condensation leading to mold and mildew in high-humidity areas of your home, such as your bathroom or basement? You can manage humidity levels and gain peace of mind with the Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control.

This device automatically detects excess humidity in a room...

Bathroom Decorating and Design

Ceramic tile, which consists of a glaze over a clay and talc body, has been used to beautify as well as protect surfaces for millennia. The mount and type of, or lack of, glaze determines the look of the finished tile. 

There are five basic types of tile:

Ceramic Tile: This has come to mean any...

Get low-cost remodeling ideas for bathrooms including tips on water-saving toilets, sinks and showers, bath ventilation, removing mold, storage solutions and bath cleaning tips.