Adding Insulation for Added Warmth, the Home Appliance to Splurge On, and Sheet Shopping 101 for a Better Night’s Sleep


Are you tired of heating bill sticker shock – or winter spent under a blanket?  Most homes lack sufficient insulation.  Learn where and how to give yours a boost.  Discover which energy-efficient appliance saves you big in the long run.  And don’t buy new bedsheets before knowing the pros and cons of each material and type.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, garage door parts, heating a garage, bathroom renovations, hard water issues, metal roofing, tiling bathroom walls, lower energy costs, replacement wiring, firewood storage, window covering options.

Get A Cleaner House By Learning Your Cleaning Personality Type, Save Money By Building A Fence On Your Own, And Find Out Whether Your Home Is Secure From Anywhere, Anytime


Whether you put off cleaning at any cost or only vacuum when company’s coming, you have a distinctive Cleaning Personality Type – learn what yours is and you can learn how to clean better.  Do you need to keep kids and pets in and noise out – on a budget?  Get DIY fence-building tips.  And whether you’ve been gone for ten minutes or ten days, you can check in on your house easily with a quick glance at your phone.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, repair laminate countertops, squeaky floors, installing a dishwasher, tile shower, household odors, clean kitchen cabinets, hot water issues, sinking foundation, soundproofing.

Discover – And Learn From – Your Cleaning Personality Type, Discover The One-Touch APP With Answers To Every Home Improvement Question, And Find A Roof That Is As Safe As It Is Stylish


Is your house lacking on the “cleanliness” front?  Or maybe one room is pristine while the rest leave much to be desired – and scrubbed?  Take the Cleaning Personality Quiz for cleaning tips and tricks customized for your personality type.  Discover the smartphone app that will save you countless trips to the bookshelf, computer, and home center.  And make sure your next roof is one that protects and impresses.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, tankless water heaters, repurpose a carpet, staining a porch, grout issues, crawl space dampness, driveway drainage, air conditioning issues.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Smart Home, Tile Grout Cleaning, and Spring Lawn Care Tips


Get advice on how to make your home a smart home, quickly, easily and inexpensively.  Ready to put that green thumb to work?  Discover a few easy steps toward your greenest spring lawn yet!  And if your bathroom’s feeling drab and dirty, the problem might not be your tiles but what’s between them.  Get expert advice for cleaning tile grout.  Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about, prepping walls for painting, backup power, cleaning laminate flooring, tank less hot water heaters, additional electrical panels, plaster ceiling repair, cracked foundation, crawl space dampness, sheetrock repair, paneling options.

How to Clean or Replace Dirty Grout


Find out how to clean or replace dirty grout. Get tips on knowing when it's time to start fresh with new grout vs. when you can just clean the existing grout. Learn about which tools and cleaners to use, and how to ensure a successful grout cleaning job. Also get tips on which tools to use to remove old grout, and learn how to apply new grout properly.