Sleek Kitchen Designs, Easy Ways to Refinish Furniture and How to Test Your A/C System


Want to incorporate a sleek, modern, clean look into your kitchen? Tom and Leslie have tips on how to achieve one of the hottest new design trends making its way to this side of the Atlantic from Europe.  Plus find out how to breathe new life into some of the furniture you may already have with stain. Learn a quick way to test your air conditioning system to make sure it’s doing all it can to keep you cool and comfortable, and get answers to your calls about, bathroom renovation, metal roofing, hardware options, driveway repair, radiant floors, removing paneling,  cleaning a concrete slab, roof drains, refinishing floors, planning a deck.

Smart Tips for Saving Electricity, Spring Cleaning in the Garage, Five Signs that Signal a Deck Collapse and more


Is charging all those smart devices draining your wallet? Get tips on how to charge your devices without spending a fortune on electricity.  Take on spring cleaning with a good look at your garage.  We’ve got advice on garage cleaning and safety.  Plus check out your deck before your first backyard shindig.  Learn the five signs to look for that signal your deck might not be able to handle a large crowd.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about , yard drainage, countertops, mold, cleaning a deck, floor cracks, sink odors, washer/dryer installation, updating electrical service, wood floor repair.

Get Ideas for Home Improvements that Pay Off, New Kitchen Trends, How to Clean Overlooked Areas of Your Home and more


If you’d like to invest in home improvements that will allow you to recoup costs when you sell, look into the annual cost versus value report for ideas.  Get the top ROI improvements from Tom and Leslie.  Learn about new kitchen trends using mixed metals in finishes on fixtures and hardware.  Get a jump start on spring cleaning with advice on cleaning the most overlooked area of your home.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, toilet clogs, sub flooring, water hammer, adding heating, pressure balance valves, foundation issues, ants, surge protectors.

Keeping Trees Alive Through Winter, How to Make Sure Your Mattress Isn’t Making You Sick, and Adding Pro Ranges to Your Home Kitchen


Make sure outdoor trees live through winter with tips on keeping them warm and alive until temperatures break.  Learn to extend the life of your mattress – and keep it free of harmful bacteria.  And just because you can handle it doesn’t mean your kitchen can: What you need to know before installing a commercial range in a home kitchen. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, paint options, window screens, insulating floors, fence installation, room addition, septic issues, roof gutters, mold removal, water heater options, universal design, repairing ceiling damage.