Energy Star Qualified Refrigerators Save Money

Investing in a new refrigerator can help you save valuable energy dollars. If your current refrigerator was made before 1993, it uses twice as much energy as a new Energy Star qualified model. And if you already have a new kitchen fridge, think about replacing that older refrigerator in your garage or basement that holds those extra cases of soda you got on sale.

Alt=Save money with Energy Star AppliancesEnergy Star Qualified Refrigerators Save MoneyThese older units can cost $90 or more a year to operate. Replacing an older model with a new Energy Star qualified one can save you a bundle. To learn about other places in your home where you can save energy and money, check out Energy Star’s new video podcast.

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  1. If you can’t afford to replace an old refrigerator now, it helps to keep the coils and fan clean. Get a coil brush at most appliance or home improvement stores for $10.00 or so; they allow you to safely reach and clean hard to access coils and other areas of the unit from the back and underside.

    Check the door seals for escaping cold air, and replace with new seals (found at most appliance stores specifically made for your model).

    Also, setting the control to a medium temperature helps save energy, as does keeping the freezer from being too crowded, allowing cold air to circulate more freely.

    Locating a refrigerator away from a stove helps the unit cool more efficiently.

    And, of course, heed your father’s advice: don’t leave the door open while you aimlessly surf thru the contents for a snack!

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