CommunityShould I Replace Mismatched Pipes and Fittings?

Should I Replace Mismatched Pipes and Fittings?

A pipe broke in my vacation place this winter.  I have a series of galvanized fittings connecting everything. On the bottom is a T, out of which on one end is a garden hose and on the other end is CPVC going to the hot water tank. Moving up, I have a PEX line in from my holding tank. The CPVC is what broke. Would it be smarter to take this apart, or should I just cut the pex and rubber-like pipes, remove the garden hose, and reconnect with new fittings?

The Money Pit Answer
Based on the mish-mosh of plumbing pipe you described, this situation sounds patched together - and like a catastrophe waiting to happen. You are much better off taking everything apart and starting from scratch with new, consistent plumbing.  Hoses aren't quality substitutes for piping.