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Removing Mold and Mildew From Siding

There's growth on my painted wood siding.  I'm pretty sure it's either mold or mildew.  What is the best way to remove this? I heard there is a product i can spray on the siding and thats all I have to do, but I have a hard time believing it could be that easy!

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Rest easy: Mold and mildew on siding are common, and nothing to be terribly concerned about.  But it does need to be managed.  What you want to use is a mildewcide.  There are a great numbers of commercial  and DIY options available, from mixing bleach and water to using professional products like Jomax or Wet n Forget or Spray and Forget.  Those last two are products you simply apply and let sit, and they prevent further mold.  These spray-on treatments are pretty foolproof, but be careful using them around landscaping.  They sometimes have a detrimental effect or grass, plants, and other growth.  I recommend convering landscaping with tarps before spraying mildewcide nearby.   Now, you mentioned your siding is painted.  If you're ever getting ready to repaint it, it's really important you thoroughly remove that mold and mildew first. 
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Guest answered 5 years ago

We're in Missouri as well, so know exactly the problem you speak of.


I believe the focus should be on stopping the moisture source which is causing the mold. The mold spots are the symptom, but the disease is the source of moisture causing the mold growth.


Removing the mold is a sandpaper and refinish process. But  there's a possibility moisture is wicking its way through the boards. Finding the source of the water/moisture will help stop the mold and mildew.


That said, if this problem is more prevalent on the north and east sides of your home, it's Mother Nature at work in the shade. Regular cleaning with detergent and a soft scrub brush can become part of your home maintenance.


If you'd like a consultation on what is causing the problem and how to solve it, we're in St. Louis and would be happy to help. 314.909.1800 or